Non-Guided Elk Drop Hunts

We provide the cabins, location and knowledge and you provide the good time. This hunt is for the guys who want to save some money by being their own guide but still be in a primo hunting area. You'll have hundreds of square miles to work with, and we'll tell you where the best spots are.

Bring 3 or more of your best hunting buddies, this trip requires a minimum of 4 hunters to book. We'll boat you in to the hunting cabins and you'll spend the next 7 days hunting in Idaho's beautiful wilderness.

Where You'll Stay

Our hunting cabins are accessible by boat, we'll take you and in bring you out when the hunt is over. The main cabin is 16'x40' with full a kitchen, two beds, and a hide-a-bed. The first bunkhouse sleeps 6, and the second bunkhouse sleeps 2.


7 Day Elk Drop Hunt

We'll boat you in, you'll stay at one of our camps or cabins, and hunt on your own. You'll need a minimum of 4 hunters in your group to book.
$ 2,850 per hunter

About the Rocky Mountain Elk

The majestic Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis nelsoni) is the iconic Pacific Northwest game animal, standing 5ft at the shoulder and clocking in at over 650 pounds. The enormous antlers that these elk boast are a prized trophy for hunters all over the United States, along with their canine teeth (ivories).