Rifle Horse Camp Guided Elk Hunts

Located at 4500 ft. elevation this hunt is the rugged western hunt you’ve always wanted. The roadless area has varying types of hunting terrain, from heavily forested big game habitat to open glades and regrowth. We drive to base camp and hunt out each day by horseback to reach remote hunting locations; you won’t be saddle sore before the hunt begins.

You will enjoy riding our horses and mules as they are well broken in and gentle. ATV’s are available for the hunter not wanting to ride horseback. Hunters stay in wall tents with plywood floors and walls. Tents are furnished with comfortable bunk beds, wood heat, electric lights and a hot shower is available. You will enjoy the variety and quality of home cooked meals provided by our camp cook.


7 Day Horse Camp Elk Hunt (Two Hunters - One Guide)

You and your hunting partner will be accompanied by one of our professional guides on this hunt. This is 7 full days of hunting; you'll get here the day before the hunt, and you'll leave the day after (9 total days).
$ 6,600 per hunter

7 Day Horse Camp Elk Hunt (One Hunter - One Guide)

You'll have the full and undivided attention of your guide on this elk hunt. If you want a one-on-one guided hunting experience, this is the hunt for you.
$ 8,800 per hunter

Hunt Dates

October 10th – 16th
October 18th – 24th
October 26th – November 1st

About the Rocky Mountain Elk

The majestic Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis nelsoni) is the iconic Pacific Northwest game animal, standing 5ft at the shoulder and clocking in at over 650 pounds. The enormous antlers that these elk boast are a prized trophy for hunters all over the United States, along with their canine teeth (ivories).