Frequently Asked Questions

About Shattuck Creek Outfitters

Owners and operators Amon and Barbara Molsee are second generation outfitters, born and raised in the outfitting environment. The Molsee family has lived in the area all their lives and the income generated from big game hunts allows them to raise their family in the rural outdoor setting. They live and outfit in the same area and offer a wide variety of big game hunts almost year round.

About The Territory

Spokane, Washington has the closest international airport, with regional airports in Pullman and Lewiston. You can rent a car from Spokane or Lewiston, and drive to Elk River.

  • Spokane to Elk River: 2hr 24m
  • Lewiston to Elk River: 1hr 27m

After Thanksgiving, you may need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get here.

Over the 600 square miles of territory that we operate on, the majority is public land.

Our hunting territory encompasses an area over 600 square miles.

Mostly of our hunting territory is 2000-5500ft (just a little higher than Boulder, Colorado). Acclimating to the elevation is not necessary in most cases.

There is plenty of ground to choose from (over 600 square miles), we can move to find the animals if the hunting is slow.

Yes. Depending on the hunt you choose, we may need to use horses, ATVs, or 4WD trucks to reach the hunting area.

With an area as large as ours, we spread our hunts out to create the least amount of hunting pressure.

About The Hunts

Depending on the hunt, we'll be doing anything from spot and stalk to stand hunting (which can be a tree stand or out of a ground blind), or even just still hunting (“slow walking”).

As much you’re up for! It’s up to you to hunt as much as you want to.

With so much included in our hunts, it's easier to say what's NOT included. The following items are not included in the overall cost: state sales tax, hunting license, and animal tags, which can be purchased through us. 

Yes! Home-cooked meals are provided as part of the cost of the hunt.

We always have a population of game in our area, when we make camp we rarely have to move to find game.

We will sight in your rifles the day before the hunt, for best accuracy.

Your best option would be high-quality binoculars. Guide's Recommendation: 10x42 binocs with good clarity.

(binoculars and other optics not provided)

We will skin/debone/freeze all game (not cut and wrapped), ready to go home with you.

We’ll freeze the cape for you to take home, and we can recommend an excellent taxidermist.

You will have access to outdoor activities every day of your hunt, even if you tag out early. The Elk River area has opportunities for fishing, hiking, or simply relaxing in the shade; you will be able to use the full length of your trip however you'd like.

Bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, and anything else you'll. Towels are provided during lodge hunts, but not camp hunts.

The rifles will be sighted in at 200yds, it's recommended that you know where it's shooting at 300yds.

About The Guides

Our professional hunting guides know where the animals usually travel, are familiar with the hunting area, and know what to do to find the best animals. Depending on your hunt, they also bait bear baits and glass for animals.

Depending on which hunt you choose, you may be 1-on-1 with your guide, or you may have 2 guides assigned to you for the duration of your hunt.

Yes, and some of our guides have been with us for over 20 years.

Yes, our guides scout the area thoroughly before the seasons starts, and are very familiar with the land you'll be hunting on.