Tom Goodwin

After 20 years of applying in my home state of Idaho I finally drew a shiras moose tag in the northern part of the state. Realizing that I would benefit greatly from having a guide, I began the search which rapidly pointed me to Shattuck Creek and Amon Molsee. I have had opportunities to hunt with many guiding services in the USA and world wide and thus have a lot to compare to. From the very beginning, Amon presented himself and his fellow guides as being totally committed to my quest for a once in a lifetime moose. I have never seen a group work so diligently as they did in helping me accomplish that goal. Also to Amon’s credit was his uncanny talent in calling in a large alpha male wolf that I had the privilege of harvesting. True icing on the cake! It became very obvious to me that Amon and Shattuck Creek Outfitters are The Real Deal! I can’t thank them enough and I will definitely return to hunt with them again.