Jake Vandermeer

My dad and I were fortunate enough to get to spend a week with this fantastic family. Coming into a Mountain Lion hunt I came in wanting to learn as much as possible about the guides and the Mountain Lion species. The guides treated us like family and were great to hang out with during the hunt. Through the 5 days we rode over 300 miles by sled and looked at many tracks. With the main focus of mine for my dad to come away with a lion we got his on the ground after the dogs did great work on a frozen track on day 3. With only 1.5 days left to hunt the focus turned to finding a cat worth of an arrow for myself and that they did on day 5 we let the dogs loose and I was fortunate enough to send a well placed shot. I would strongly recommend Shattuck Creek Outfitters for any species. The memories of the time in the wilderness will only enhance a trophy when you take one.

Thanks again for a great trip.