Trophy Mule Deer Hunts

Mule deer hid in landscape pockets in higher elevation, large hemlock groves, or in clearcuts at higher elevation. They are not found as easily in lower country. You will be glassing, spotting and stalking, and hunting above the tree line or in old clearcuts. You'll need good binoculars to find these trophy mule deer, as they're often visible from long distances.


5 Day Mule Deer Hunt (Two Hunters - One Guide)

You and your hunting partner will be accompanied by one of our professional guides on this hunt. You'll need good binoculars and your hiking boots to get to these trophy deer, this is the adventure you've been looking for.
$ 5,000 per hunter

Hunt Dates

November 7 – 11th

Contact us to book your hunt and check availability.

About the Mule Deer

The Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) gets its name from their enormous ears, which can be as long as 3/4 the length of their head. Standing up to 3.5' tall at the shoulder, and weighing between 130-280lbs, these mountain herbivores are elusive and hard to reach.

Only found in the western United States, the mule deer prefers higher elevation clearcuts or hemlock groves, in areas with steep mountain slopes and ravines.