Just got back from a 7 day Elk rifle hunt with Amon.. On our first day my partner Mark L got a nice 5 by 5 Bull. Another fellow from Vermont scored on a spike bull. Amon was my guide for the entire week and since I’m handicapped he went out of his way to help me get into a blind and back to the lodge safely. I did not see any elk until my last day we saw several cows over 500 yds away. During my week with Amon I rode side by sides, 4 wheelers to my hunting grounds saw many white tail deer, watched full scale logging operations and some beautiful mountain scenery of Idaho. The home cooked meals back at the lodge I cannot say enough about. Just awesome!!! Overall we had a great week. Amon and family are gracious host provided very comfortable accommodations. We look forward to returning to Shattuck in the very near future.

Bob S, CT

I just got back from a great week with Amon and his team on a two-bear remote wilderness hunt. Amon and his crew worked really hard to make sure we were comfortable, well fed and taken care of, and had opportunities to get a bear. I was fortunate enough to take a bear, but not everyone did. Nobody complained and all saw bears. We were in a beautiful location where few get to go, with a warm fire and hot coffee always available. Deer, elk, goat, and moose where seen in addition to the bear, and wolves could be heard at night. I can’t recommend Shattuck Creek Outfitters highly enough and will hunt with them again God willing.

Mark G, TX

I have been bow hunting for many year and my main goal is to just get a change. I hunted elk with Amon the 2017 fall season the weather was changing and the elk were starting to answer our calls. On day four we had two encounters both at one point less than 25 yards the second I was able to get a clean shot at 50 yards a nice 5×5. Amon knows what he’s doing and if you are in shape and willing to put in the time to practice you will probably have the same opportunity I did or better. By the way he has horses to pack the elk out and the food was great.

Richard P, NC

My good friend Jerry booked a 2-bear hunt for our hunting group this spring with Shattuck Creek Outfitters. Jerry and I are both in the U.S. Army and decided that a Spring Black Bear hunt in Northern Idaho would be a nice way to enjoy some vacation time. We didn’t know what to expect, but we were confident that Amon and his guides at Shattuck Creek are the best in Idaho. We were right!! Each member of our hunting party bagged a bear. Two of us harvested two bears. I took both my bears on the same day! One was treed by Amon’s hard-working and well-trained dogs and the other mature boar came into bait. Shattuck Creek Outfitters kill bears! Many color phased bears were harvested, and everyone was thrilled at the bears they took.

The hospitality that Amon, his wife Barbara, and their 9 children showed us was so gracious. Barbara’s amazing dinner was much appreciated after sitting over bait. We were spoiled with the home cooked breakfast delivered every morning to our rooms. Each day was filled with amazing views of the Idaho mountains, four-wheeler rides along back roads, and great times with my friends. Our guide Luke was very knowledgeable and helpful. The lodging was great and we all had comfortable rooms in Elk River. Overall, this hunt with Shattuck Creek Outfitters was one of the most productive and enjoyable experiences I have ever had, and Lord willing we will hunt together soon.

Andy S, KY

I was fortunate enough to draw an OIL tag in Idaho and Amon did all he could to make it successful. Honest and upfront from the start, fun to hunt with and great guides, Great outfit and look forward to going back!

K. Dymmek, FL

I had not hunted for over 30 years. Last year, now that I’m retired, I decided to give it a try and went for a high fence elk hunt on a ranch north of Rexburg by the sand dunes. I didn’t know if, physically I could handle it. We drove all over a 12000 acre ranch looking fort he elk I wanted, which was in the 230-240 class. There were only a couple and I got one of them, about 75 yards away. This at least gave myself a start. Just a few weeks ago I went pig hunting with a friend of mine, an avid hunter, who hired on as a guide that has pigs and deer. The last of the 3 day hunt we found one, about 170 lbs and moved up to about 75 yards. One shot and we are enjoying sausage. We used an ATV a lot and did hike and some successful stalking. At the time I shot my pig it was 102 degrees at 7:30 in the evening, hotter during the day.

Ray Q, CA

I got to mark one of my dreams off my “bucket list” in June 2015 with Shattuck Creek Outfitters. I had always wanted to take a black bear with a bow so myself and six others booked a spring bear hunt with Amon. This was definitely a well run operation and Amon made the hunt memorable. The scenery was beautiful and the service was more than perfect. The only thing that was not good, that Amon had no control over, was the weather which was hotter than usual for the first of June. This kept the bears from being active but bears were seen by our group everyday. The accommodations was by no means roughing it but you are out in the wilderness. I elected to stay in the wall tent which was comfortable and I think the best sleep I had in awhile. You don’t go hungry and the food is excellent. You can fish during the day and hunt in the evening. The stands and bait stations are well placed and not difficult to get to. I harvested a multi phase bear before the hunt was over and Amon and his crew took care of the skinning and preparing of the hide. I was impressed with the service, the area, and Amon that I booked an archery elk hunt. If you want a good hunt with good service and a down to earth guide then check into Shattuck Creek Outfitters.

John Pellizzari, TX

Six years ago I was looking for a guide and I had two main objectives. One, I was looking for an honest guide and two, I was looking for a guide who was just as excited about hunting as I am. I found both with Amon. I have enjoyed six different successful hunts with Shattuck Creek Outfitters and Amon. Although there are many guides out there, I keep coming back to Shattuck Creek year after year. Amon goes above and beyond to ensure success in all of my hunts. Just this past year Amon proved his dedication again when he helped me harvest a trophy cougar. Once again, it was an unforgettable experience.I look forward to many more hunts with Shattuck Creek Outfitters.

Aaron A, PA

As a fairly new hunter, my boyfriend, who was very eager for me to get my first deer booked us a hunt with Shattuck Creek Outfitters. Since he had previous successful hunts with them, he was confident I would experience the same.During the five day hunt, I was amazed at the variety of game that I got to see. Not only did I get my first deer, but I was able to harvest two bucks on this hunt. As a female and an amateur hunter, I was amazed at the accommodations and how well I was treated. Amon went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and able to reach him at all times if need be. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and experience with Shattuck Creek Outfitters and highly recommend Amon as a guide. I am looking forward to many more opportunities to hunt with Shattuck!

Tamara H, PA

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. My son and I had a great time on our recent hunt with you. I have done many hunts in different parts of the country and this was the best. You really know your stuff, the area is beautiful, and there is game everywhere, thanks to your expert calling also in our freezer…what an elk!!! More than any of that, it was a pleasure hunting with you……..Really looking forward to the next time we can walk the trails.

Dave G, IL

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